Sunday, July 22, 2007

Family Emergency

Just wanted to let you all know I'm out of town and in the midst of an emergency involving one of my siblings. Things are going as best as can be expected, and I'll be in touch later.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finally Fotos!

Here it is! The first official postings of the new digs. Jack's daughter bought us this sign for Christmas last year, and little did we know it would hang over this place. Cool, huh?
And here is the pond.
You can swim in it! It has a liner and filtration system. Lots of frogs on the edges and boy do they make a lot of noise at night. Nice, though.

And the plants are just amazing. This is right on the deck.
We had our first guests, too -- a nice twenty-ish couple from Ithaca and it worked out really well. Jack is in the process of changing the name of the website, or linking it or somesuch nonsense -- from to Wanderlust Way, but he's losing what remains of his hair trying to figure it out. It seems like he's on the phone constantly with someone in some foreign country, but I'm sure it will eventually work out.
Needless to say, I'm running around like a rabbit trying to move things, get organized, clean ... you name it. Oh, yes. And practice law.
Knitting may be my only path to sanity right now. I made this in a day:
My first felted attempt.

And I'm working on a shawl with the SeaWool. The colors are a nice blend of blues and I love it.
And speaking of BLUE !!!! At long last, here she is.
I love this sweater. Of course, it's been in the nineties lately, so I haven't been wearing her. I'm tempted to turn up the office air conditioner to freezing just so I can put it on!

Well, I hope to get my life back to "normal" soon, or at least a new routine. Wait, what's that? The phone? The bird flu guy? argh......................

Monday, July 09, 2007

Manic Monday

Still no photos. I have the cord, but the camera is ????? This is what happens when you move. We closed on the new place on Friday, and it was the closing from hell. First, the bank got the papers wrong. Had to re-fax, re-sign. Second, I violated one of the key rules of the Universe: Never buy a house from a crazy person. Seriously. There were no mortgage pay-off statements, and they didn't actually leave the property until quarter after midnight. I was insane. And it was a mess. Total, absolute, f8*&()&g mess.

I won't bore anyone with the details, but suffice it to say every cleaning muscle in my body is sore. And I have done absolutely no knitting. And I really need to!!!

So I haven't dropped off the blog-planet, and as soon as I find my camera, which has pictoures of Big Blue and the new place, they'll be posted.

In the meantime, send virtual beer.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Miserable Monday

Why today sucks:

1. I left my camera at home and can't show a photo of Big Blue, finished in the nick of time, by my self-imposed "finish it within 2 months of starting" deadline.
2. I have bug bites all over my legs that make me scratch until I bleed.
3. Every crazy Respondent in the County has me as their law guardian. Just ask me about the guy with the secret "bird flu" shelter in his house. Go on, I dare ya.
4. My real estate closing is set for Friday but the bank "forgot" so my mortgage rate would have expired but for my frantic phone calls all morning.
5. I'm another day closer to the big 5-0 and feeling every hormonal inch of it.
6. I also have a bug bite inside my ear.
7. My favorite Sabre was traded to Twig's team. And Briere is gone too, to those Philly Goons. Where's my Stanley Cup?

... enough whining for now. Photo tomorrow. I promise. And I love it.