Sunday, September 30, 2007

Top Ten Reasons ...

I have been absent from blogdom:

10. Work, work and more work.
9. See above.
8. Moving. One of Jack's friends asked to rent our converted barn, so we decided to move full-time into the new place. So, my previous thinking that I had oodles of time to pack and move at a leisurely pace was suddenly gone. The good news -- I found yarn I'd thought I'd lost! The bad -- I really need to stop buying yarn. Really. Will I? Nah.
7. Family stuff -- better now.
6. A semi-serious case of knitting slump. In spite of the embarassment of riches found during the move, I have gone through a few weeks of being less than enthusiastic about any project. I'm starting to move on, though, forcing myself to pick up the needles, as well as do other things I enjoy but have let go. Why is it when we're in a slump, the we stop doing things that make us feel good? So, here's what I will be starting: Lady of the Lake, in a warm rust color. That should get my knitting mojo flowing.
5. In-law visit. Think of the most stereotypical portrayl of a little old Southern lady, and that's my MIL, Frances. 87 years old, making biscuits in my kitchen. Threatening to make something called "sausage gravy". And freezing in the cold (72-74) temperatures.
4. A severely sprained ankle. Damn I never knew those could hurt so much or take so long to heal! I'm still going to physical therapy, and frustrated at the lack of progress.
3. It's hard to blog when you're sleeping.
2. It's hard to think of 10 reasons why you haven't blogged.
1. I was kidnapped by aliens who wanted to learn to knit. (okay, see #2)

Rest assured, I have still been reading pals' blogs, and hope you all are still with me. Hockey season starts in LESS THAN A WEEK, and I'm scooting over to the knitalong to stir up some trouble.

I'll post a progress photo of "Lady" tomorrow, promise!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Still moving ....

It's gonna take forever. And now that we have a house big enough for me to have my "own" room (call me Virginia Woolf), I'm faced with the blessed dilemma of yarn storage issues.

Bookcases? Shelves? Wicker baskets?

Funds are an issue, so I'll welcome any suggestions for cheap and easy ideas. Hmmm. Cheap and easy .... if only Paris Hilton had a line of furniture!

Knitting has been slow -- too much legal work. I am making myself stay away from the office this long weekend, though. My very sanity hangs in the balance. Or at least that's what I'm telling the spouse.

One more moving update -- the Siamese is becoming even more co-dependent. I swear, she needs a 12 Step Group. Ever since the big move, she is attached to me like velcro. As I type, she is attempting to get on the keyboard. She won't leave the deck off the kitchen, and crouches, turning her head back and forth like she's at Wimbledon, looking for .. for ... what? Arghh. I hope this is just a phase.

*** message from Miss KItty ***
she has GOT to be kidding. uproot me from my known environment, move me out farther into the country. there are FROGS here. a cat of my stature should be on Park Avenue. on a velvet cushion. not in the sticks where a girl gets her paws dirty just stepping outside. quick -- send Fancy Feast!