Sunday, January 22, 2006



The Year of Knitting Selfishly.

This is it. The big year. Sweaters for me. Mittens for me! It was last week, when I was searching in vain for me $1.99 stretch gloves and a hat, any old hat, that pushed me over the edge. At the same time, my knitting basket was loaded with: Mittens for future son-in-law, scarf for twin daughter, sweater for oldest daughter, socks for spouse, mittens for step-grandson, and countless promises for others.

No more! Attention friends and family! After 40 years of knitting, and only 1 sweater and 2 shawls to show for it, the tide will turn. Yes, I will finish your items. Yes, I will teach/help each and every one of you to knit on your own. And yes, I will be well-dressed, and warm, in the coming year.

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