Friday, August 10, 2007

The Perils of Moving

Here it is so far .......

3 suitcases. Full of yarn. And it's only the beginning.

The moral: You can't be in stash denial when you move. Face to face with with my own obsession.


twig said...

Get a bigger suitcase, then there will be fewer of them.

barbp said...

I agree with Twig....oh wait - maybe a steamer trunk? LOL

Carrie K said...

The stash denial being so abrubtly terminated is the real shocker. I put all my stash in one place too, redoing the inside of the house. I had no idea. I haven't been able to buy yarn since.

Hope it worked out with your sibling. Other people's choices. Well, family. What can you do?

Oh, and when next week is your birthday? Because me too!

A South Park Republican said...

Maybe you can use your yarn as packing material - kind of as padding around some breakables - then it is both multipurpose and not all in one big pile so you lose some of the "holy crap I have a lot of yarn" feeling.

Happy early birthday!