Saturday, March 25, 2006

The (Kitty) Bane of My Existence

Here she is, looking slightly drugged. Miss Kitty, Queen of the Meow. There is not a moment that I can sit and knit without herself plopping on my lap, rubbing her nose against mine (okay, I admit, I spoil her), and biting the wool.

In spite of her slightly annoying behavior, I am compelled to honor her with a sweater. No, not for her - she already has a fur coat - but what I envision is a a soft yoked pullover, starting at the bottom with dark brown, gradually turning tan, then darkening again to the neck, where there might be a few flecks or rows of sapphire blue.

I'm still searching for the perfect yarn. Some of the Noro looks good, but it's already variegated, so the search continues. My only fear is that the creation of this sweater will be an ego boost from which she will never recover. On the plus side, I won't have to lint-brush her cat hair before I wear it -- it will blend right in!

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Siobhan said...

Oh, I love the idea of doing a Siamese sweater - I have one myself (who is so completely spoiled it is not even funny), and I might just do the same thing.