Friday, March 31, 2006

A Shameless Groupie

I am shameless. Totally. I just finished reading "Knitting Rules" by Yarn Harlot, the Queen of Knitting Blogs, in my opinion. TwinB gave me the "YarnHarlot's Guide" for Xmas, and I've been addicted ever since.

So in finishing the new book, I noticed a glaring omission, especially for a Canadian. She mentions many worthwhile activities which can be accomplished while knitting -- t.v. watching, travel ... but not watching HOCKEY! So, in a fit of impulse, I emailed her. Me! And even tried to be funny.

Here 's what I wrote:

Dear Ms. Yarn Harlot -- As an aspiring harlot myself (here in the States we may use the term "yarn slut"), and a rabid hockey fan, I couldn't help but notice you did NOT include watching hockey as a worthwhile pursuit while knitting. (The remainder of the book was, however, perfect!) Though I realize we most likely root for opposing teams -- Buffalo Sabres for me -- I can only assume Maple Leafs for you -- I can definitely state that watching the games on television has increased my knitting out put dramatically. Witness the paucity of finished objects during last year's strike -- it wasn't a pretty sight. Of course, I've been tempted to knit at the actual games, but haven't yet found a yarn to match the color of spilled Labatt's and crushed peanut shells.

Your fan, Susan Jones (h.i.t. -- harlot in training!)
PS Notice how I refrained from mentioning the fact that Buffalo is ahead of Toronto in the standings ...

And guess what???? She wrote back!

Here's her response --

Crap, right you are. I should have said something about hockey. My brother will be crushed that I neglected it. I'll keep my eye out for the colour of yarn you need...I know exactly that shade!

Either I am so cool, or the biggest nerd on the planet.

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stringthing said...

well, i'm not a hocky fan. but WOW she emailed back! you rock my handknitted socks off!!!!!