Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Florida Fun!

This is what I left -- sand, sea, and sunshine. Sigh. Not that it's not sunny here today, but there's something about the ocean that I adore, even though I can't swim a stroke.

There was knitting, however. Skeins of it! Here's me in Threads of Time, Ormond Beach, Florida. A great store! And great finds.

Here's what I bought:

To make this:

The yarn is a blend of cotton and silk, and feels delicious. I had to start it, even without my swift and winder. I also bought enough Rowan Cashcotton to make a cardigan -- on sale for 50% off! The color is wonderful -- a nice purple and it feels so soft.

And there was even historical knitting!

This was in the Lightner Museum, in St. Augustine. A rich dude's private collection. I tried to fit it in my purse, but my friends thought we'd get caught and since we don't practice law in Florida ... well, she's still there, being adorable. I love the bare feet!

Finally, here's the pullover I'm knitting from Knitpicks Cotlin.

I made up the border pattern, and am either going to make it a raglan or a drop-shoulder, trying the EZ Percentage System. I love the color, and the yarn is DK weight, so I don't think it will be too heavy.

And now for something completely different, but not unexpected: GO SABRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cole said...

I can't wait for September for my honeymoon in Florida! You make me want to go there even sooner! I love the sculpture of the little girl knitting-- TOO CUTE! Glad to see you had a blast.

A South Park Republican said...

Did you manage to knit on the beach?!?

twig said...

The Cotlin sweater is turning out great. I'm anxious to see it all knit up.

Quit showing pictures of Florida. I want to go home!!!!!!

Asaknitter said...

Oh, I love that short sleeved pattern and the yarn you bout for it.


Anonymous said...

The ocean is in a class all by itself.

That sculpture is darling!

The Cotlin sweater looks good and that yarn for the Berocco sweater looks yummy. The model of it looks like you. Kismet.

Zarzuela said...

Looks like the perfect vacation. Sun, yarn and beer. What could be better? :)


Marlie said...

Keep up the good work.