Thursday, May 11, 2006

Knit on, MacDuff

No knitting photos today -- just a cheerful picture to remind me that summer is on the horizon.

I'm back at work, sort of. Jack was scheduled for arthroscopic knee surgery today, so yesterday was look at all the piles of work, and today is think about the piles of work. Tomorrow -- I may actually work!

Thanks to all who left comments and sent e-mails regarding Aunt Louise. The funeral and services went well (as well as those events can go), but two incidents bear blogging about. The first is that, yes Virginia, I knit at the funeral home. The first evening, I completely fell apart, and was comforted by, of all people, my 89 year old Aunt Alice! And I thought I was going to be strong for her! So the next day, I knit on my socks. It kept me from crying, and Aunt Louise would have approved.

But the more meaningful incident occurred at the cemetary. After the final words were said, my brilliant sister said, "We should give the woman a round of applause for a live well lived." And we did. It was perfect.

I did finish the sock, today, and am winding more yarn for the cotton cardigan I started about a month ago. Soon, I'll post photos of the wonderful fingering weight heathered wool I bought in Colorado, and foresee as a pair or two of fair isle knee socks.

And I'm drooling over a few patterns in the new Interweave Knits. Which is particularly dangerous because the local Spinners & Weaver's Guild is having a yarn sale this Saturday at the library. I'm not sure whether or not to hope they take credit cards!

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