Sunday, May 14, 2006

Warning: Hockey and Knitting Don't Mix

I'm miserable. I'm ecstatic. Why, you ask?

The good news: My team is in the conference finals. Let's Go Buffalo!

The bad news: I'm knitting away on my cotton cardigan, using luscious King Tut yarn, feeling smug because I modified the pattern to eliminate side seams, so I finish the back section, tie on the yarn to the left front and knit away. Yes, knit away. Do I remember to bind off for the underarm? Of course not! Am I too wrapped up in the back and forth, the checks, the overtime? Yes! And I wasn't even drinking beer ...

So I've frogged back, no longer smug. Sigh. I'm too abashed even to post a progress photo. Next round, I think I'll do a garter stitch scarf.

On to Mother's Day -- a lovely morning sitting in my favorite chair, watching the birds at the feeder, an equally nice afternoon with 2 of my offspring, seeing a movie, browsing at Barnes & Noble, getting free ice cream (the stretch marks were definitely worth it) at Coldstone Creamery -- strawberry, with m&ms, tiny chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles -- a yarn browse at Michael's, then dinner at Applebee's. Phone calls from the 2 who are away, and now its time for "The Sopranos".

Here are my finished Colorado socks, unblocked, and definitely fraternal twins. I tried and tried to find a match after finishing the first one, but no luck. My own twins would say they're not "real twins", being identical down to their eyelashes, but I can accept them as is.

And here is the Colorado yarn -- hand dyed and spun merino, in a nice fingering weight. I foresee Fair Isle knee socks, so if anyone has a lead on a pattern, please send it on. I love the combination of colors, but will probably not start until I recover from the trauma of playoff knitting error!

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