Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another day in Paradise

The Paradise Theatre in Paonia, Colorado, that is! Newly re-opened by Jason and Regna Jones, and the coolest place in town. Last night I sat in the projection room, and found it fascinating to watch how the film reels through from giant platters, how the sound works, splicing ... And the popcorn with real butter ain't bad either!

Here's another shot of the building itself, built in the 1920's. They've totally redone the inside, with these great theatre seats that rock back and have cup holders! The plan is to show independent films, some main-stream features, and have concerts. Paonia seems just the community for this type of place -- as one local from a neighboring town said, "Paonia? You goin' there? What are you, hippies?" Oh yeah!

And here's the Colorado sock, started on the plane. I love the colors, but am having a ratzin' fratzin' problem with the gussets. It could, of course, be that I was drinking a local steam ale at the time I was picking up the stitches along the sides, but nah, that can't be true! So what's a little gap or two? Instead of frogging, I'm just going to thread the old yarn needle and close the gap later. And maybe pull out some garter stitch next time I'm imbibing!

No yarn stores yet, but I have a lead on a place in Hotchkiss for today. Hopefully, some hand-spun fibers from local sheep and ... llamas!


mf said...

looking good, but how many rows did you knit and how many did you pick up? You should pick up an extra stitch to avoid gaps Good Luck

Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! The Paradise Theater seems to be such a cool place, and yep, Popcorn with real butter, that sure isn't the worst thing!
I love how your socks are getting along, such a great colorway! I'm quite amazed though that you're allowed to knit in planes over there? No way over here to get needles into a plane, and I sure find that very frustrating. :(

KnittingJones said...

Dipsy -- Yes, we can fly with needles -- I even had scissors in my knitting pouch and it was no problem! Seems strange, doesn't it? But I'm glad; I'd be a much more nervous passenger without my knitting.