Monday, September 25, 2006

Manic Monday

I have all these wonderful photos, and Blogger won't let me post them. It's Monday.

And, as I am hoping a certain Family Court Judge doesn't read blogs, it is one hell of a Monday. This certain Judge has a habit of jumping down everyone's throat when he is in "a mood" -- lawyer, client, innocent Law Guardian (i.e. moi) and today was one of those days. His face turned red, the veins began to pop out ... and it just makes me ask one question --
I went to law school for this????

Of course, I was also asking myself that very same question this weekend when I was cleaning the refrigerator. Hmmm. Cleaning is not exactly the correct word. What would you call pouring boiling water on the bottom part (underneath the produce drawers) to loosen the hardened, unrecognizable goo that had little celery leaves stuck to it? It's not as bad as it sounds (okay it is); the goo was later determined to be maple syrup which turned out better than the toxic soup I originally thought it was. When good refrigerators go bad ....

So, no photos. No finished socks to post. No photo of blocking shawl with Siamese. Maybe tomorrow will be Terrific Tuesday.


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twig said...

We have one of those judges, too. Vodka always helps.