Thursday, February 22, 2007

Knitting Content

Thanks to all for their kind advice as to my knitting pains. I did a few things -- first, a deep tissue massage of the back and shoulders. Painful but the good kind of pain. Seems that I carry my stress (stress? what stress? she said between court appearances) in my upper back, and my muscles were more knotted than a skein of ribbon yarn wound around a cat. So the knots were broken up, and stretches suggested. Then, I did take a break from knitting for one whole day. Drove me nuts. Even the spouse said, "Uh oh, you'd better get that fixed," imagining me without my knitting. Then, I decided to knit this -- a sock on size 2 bamboos, of Knitpicks Memories handpaint. Nice light yarn, nice light needles, and it's going well. I've also been taking breaks every 20 minutes or so, and might get one of those elbow thingies. Bought a wrist support for the laptop, too.
I will prevail!

Here's an eye candy photo of one of my bird buddies on the deck window:

I love these guys! And so do the cats -- their own personal cat-tv. More snow this weekend; more knitting!


twig said...

Why in the world do you have stress? You don't do anything all day except sit in an office and bring Alice? heheheh

Glad the massage worked.

Zarzuela said...

A good massage therapist is like gold! Glad you are feeling better.

And I had to LOL about the bird feeder. We call it K-TV for kitty tv at my house because that's exactly what it is for Simba! :)