Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tut Mania!

What an exhibit! What fun! I loved every part of the exhibit -- especially when our "VIP" tickets (part of the hotel package) got us past the loooooong line of timed ticket holders and into the private lounge, then right into the first gallery. It was very well done, with a few rooms of artifacts from Tut's parents and grandparents, then those from the tomb itself.
It was amazing to see in real life what I've seen photos of in so many Egyptology books and magazines -- the crown, the dagger found on his mummy, a coffinette made of gold that contained his liver ... and lots lots more, including wonderful jewelry. Hard to believe, but I resisted buying a $5000 replica of the chest pectoral with a jeweled scarab in the center ... but I also resisted the Tut bobblehead, which, when my daughter saw that, she said ..."He gave his life, for bobbleheads."
Well, we're off to have more Philadelphia fun ... including yarn store visits! More later.


twig said...

Oh it sounds like a good time. I can't believe you didn't take advantage of the bobblehead! One day, 2000 years from now, folks won't be able to go through the artifacts of your town and find the bobblehead.

Asa said...

Happy yarn shopping! Looks like you're having a great time and sunshine too. Mmmm, sunshine, says the girl who's now on day 22 on the rain soaked north west coast...