Thursday, March 22, 2007

What I Have Learned ...

or observed, I should say, in the 8 days that I've been spouse-less.

1. The house stays cleaner. Big surprise, eh? Maybe it's that I feel less inclined to put my "stuff" away when his is laying around, or because he's generally working at home all day, and I'm not there to add to the clutter. Or -- because he's messier than me. Let's face. That's why I've really concluded!

2. I liked the peace and quiet for the first feew days. Then, not so much. When I started talking to the birds at the feeder, I knew I'd gone to far.

3. I don't drink coffee if Jack doesn't make it. What's that about? I'll just make tea instead.

4. Even though I'm alone, I stay on my side of the bed. And I leave his pillow alone. When we're together -- it's a different story. I steal the covers and his pillow.

5. The dog misses him. Not that she doesn't love it that I'm the one taking her for walks, or giving her treats, she's been mopey the last few days.

6. The cats couldn't care less. Big surprise there too, eh?

7. I don't cook. Dinners have been popcorn, peanut butter on crackers and cereal. I usually eat lunch out, and that's a decent meal. Or so I justify. So if he's messy, maybe I'm lazy!

8. It's not as much fun watching the Sabres on television if he's not there to see me yell at the screen. Besides, it scares Alice the dog when, out of total silence, I leap to my feet and whoop.

So he comes back Saturday afternoon, and I'll be gone, so he'll have a few days alone. I wonder if he'll have any of the same observations about me ....

Anyway, this is a long-planned weekend away with my oldest daughter, in Philadelphia to see the King Tut exhibit. I can't wait -- I've never been to that city, have already "googled" for yarn stores, and am looking forward to a 3 day respite from what seems like a flood of cranky clients. It also gives me a chance to stand before the exhibit and say .....

He gave his life, for tourism!!!
(credit to Steve Martin)


twig said...

Ah, I've going through the same spouselessness. I miss mostly at night during the tv watching times. That makes no sense because that's the time that we don't really interact anyway. We have very different tv watching tastes so we're not even in the same room -- but just knowing he's not there bugs me.

A South Park Republican said...

Have fun in Philly! I don't know if you heard/remember the kerfluffle awhile back about the cashmere yarn not being cashmerey enough and how some stores recalled yarn. In any event, one of the stores that drove/participated in the recall is just outside of Philly (Chestnut Hill) - The Knit With. I've never been but when the cashmere stuff was going on, I did hear good things about the shop. There is also a good fondue restaurant in the same little town. Yummmm, fondue!

Pixie said...

I surfed here from the FolkShawls group and was laughing over this post because my husband is currently traveling and you've basically described my week. :)