Thursday, June 15, 2006

Can't get no .... Satisfaction

Okay -- here's attempt #2. Cascade Fixation, in cool sherbet-like colors, 36 sts on size 3 dpn. 1 and 1/2 inches of k1p1 rib, then "Eye of Peacock" heel, and on down.

Does it fit?

You be the judge. Feels a little "rough" -- see how the stitches are stretched? Not quite the same "cushy" feel when I had 44 stitches, but then it was baggy.

Here's another view. See what I mean about the stitches?

I suppose I'll do 40 for the next pair. But damn, I hate to screw up!


Melissa said...

Bless your heart! I hope 40 is your magic number

Zonda said...

I did my first sock (almost done the second sock) with 38 and it does the same thing as your 40 does. I guess that is what they are supposed to do. It isn't uncomfortable, but I agree it does look stretched..hmm I plan on 40 for my next pair.

However, I love the color, yummy! :)

twig said...

The color is so "happy". I think that if they're comfie, that's all that matters even if they look a bit stretched. Anyone who's looking that closely at your feet has bigger issues than stretched socks. heheheh

KnittingJones said...

Twig -- you are so right. I had this matrimonial client once who opposing counsel later informed had a foot fetish -- to the point of ordering "used" shoes on the internet. Ewwwwwwwwww.