Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hockey, knitting and little boys

This is Joseph's foot. Joseph, aka "ming", age 8 and the son of one of my best friends. Said best friend is graciously allowing me to watch the hockey playoffs at her house, as my &*#%ing satellite system doesn't get the special channel without paying big bucks! So over I go, with my knitting of course, and snacks.

Enter Joseph. Fascinated by my knitting socks. So fascinated he traced his foot and put down color suggestions!!!

How could I resist?

And tonight is Game 7. Jay McKee, Sabre defense extraordinaire, has a staph infection in a cut on his leg and can't play. Lindy has brought up some youngsters from the minors and all I can do is hope those boys play their hearts out.

SabreTooth agrees:

Let's go Buffalo!


twig said...

Sorry about Buffalo. But they gave it a good shot. The Rangers were out in the first round. I was pulling for them over Carolina. "My team" isn't local for me, so if I want to see all their games I have to get NHL Center Ice. What I like best about DirecTV is that I can turn "cable" on for hockey season and turn it off after it's over without any fees for changes in service. So for hockey season we have all the cable channels and Center Ice.

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