Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Too Loose, Lautrec!

Here 's sock #1 -- Cascade Fixation, 2-1/2" cuff, 44 stitches on size 3 dpn. I tried it on mid-way through the foot, and evidently my ankles are thin (small-boned), as opposed to my hips! So, this pair is destined for my DIL, who is taller than me. Okay, everyone is taller than me, except my dear 89-year old Aunt Alice, aka "The Incredible Shrinking Aunt" .

So I'm going to start another pair, for me, using the recipe in the Cascade Fixation Anklet KAL, found at I'm going to keep the "Eye of Partridge" heel -- it looks very cool in the stripey yarn -- but switch to K1P1 for the ribbing, instead of K2P2.

(humming the words to the song "Short People" as I go back to work)

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Lynn said...

Ok first of all, LOVE the title of your post!! and the socks look fine. I'd go by the one that feels the best. Its interesting how the 44 stitches cast on were too loose. I cast on 48 with size 3 needles and they fit great! Then again my ankles are thick....
Either way I love the yarn!