Thursday, June 29, 2006

Photo-less Alliteration

I left my camera and home, but wanted to post anyway. Here's the news:

1. Bounty: I have found the yarn store of my dreams. Spirit Work in Rochester (really, Irondiquoit, but who can pronounce it?) I had a law guardian home visit in the neighborhood, and stopped afterward. Big, lots of light, tables, couches, nice, helpful staff. Nice music in the backround, an area for snacks! And ... every type of yarn you can think of. All the cool stuff I've read about in magazines. Plus, cool doo-dads, knitting bags. I asked if I could live there. The website is: . I'll let you know when I change my mailing address to the back of the shop.

2. Buying: Of course, I had to buy something at Spirit Work, in spite of my foolish decision to only knit from the stash. I've wanted to knit the "Hourglass" Sweater from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts", and I found some tweedy green Kathmandu Aran yarn -- 85% wool, 10% silk, 5% cashmere. I'm dying to start it, but am forcing discipline and finishing the cotton cardigan first. Which leads to ...

3. Buttonholes: I agree with Maggie Righetti in "Knitting in Plain English". Buttonholes are bastards. After ripping, pinning, measuring, I think I got it right. I did change the pattern though, from 8 buttons to 7. Eight seemed too many, especially on my "vertically challenged" frame.
So it's only sleeve seaming to go!

4. Bikes: I bought one! My first in 30 years. A Raleigh, hybrid. Which means I can ride on rougher surfaces, or roads. And it's a "comfort style", which means I ride upright -- no hunching over -- and it has a (ahem) wider seat, for the (ahem) mature figure. Arghhh. Next it will be the Senior discount at Denny's. I'm going to take it out for the first spin this morning!

That's all for now; the "b" categories are all used up!


twig said...

Congrats on finding the yarn store. It's better news for them, though, since it sounds like you'll now be financing their mortgage. heheheh

Hm...I don't mind buttonholes, but then again I would probably hate them if I had even a lick of perfectionism in me. On the other hand, I hate zippers.

The Frog said...

Looks like a fun yarn store.

Thanks for the link.

They sell yarn and knit kits on-line too - so I may be financing their mortgage as well. ;o)