Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Romance and more ...

And what is this? Why, an anniversary card! And guess what? We got each other the very same card. Bought at 2 different places. Made me feel good! I think I'll frame it.

So for the loooong weekend (not too long, as I had a torturous trial
Monday afternoon in Court), I/we:

1. Enjoyed the lake.

A little rain, some clouds, but mostly nice.

2. Dug 4 postholes for the new deck -- Jack, not me! (sweaty photos to follow)

3. Knit on the Hourglass Sweater, with this yummy yarn. I decided to vary from the pattern a tad, by doing seed stitch edges. So far, so good.

I love the feel of this -- silky and wooly at the same time.

4. Made this wacky pin holder from a piece of felted thrift store sweater. I kept dropping the pins in and out of the little plastic box, so ...

I have a bunch of squares I'm going to sew together for a blanket, like the one in "Intriguing Knits", and this was a scrap. Works for me!

5: Enjoyed my roses:

Tomorrow, right after Court, I'm leaving for Rhode Island to visit oldest kid. Lizzie has already been warned that we must visit all yarn stores in Providence, and she's up for the challenge. Hope to have treasures to show when I get back!

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