Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why I Am Insane

... or, the top ten reasons why I do Assigned Counsel cases:

10. I love being asked by my client if he/she should "hire a real lawyer."

9. I enjoy being referred to as a "free lawyer", even by judges.

8. I have no better things to do with my time than sit through hours of testimony on why a sexual predator is a "good parent" who has never been seen acting "weird."

7. I'm happy when the County I live in decides to cut travel time from the budget, so attorneys can't bill for the time it takes to go to and from widely spaced courthouses for cases no one else will take.

6. I like being paid less than half my rate for retained clients. Really, I do.

5. I like being accused of being a racist by my own client. And sexist.

4. I also enjoy running up and down the courthouse stairs, having been assigned 7 cases in the morning, and a similar number for the afternoon calendar, and having both Judges want me in their courtroom at the same time. The deputies love it too.

3. I'm happy I can no longer eat in a number of restaurants in town, as if certain Respondents knew I was one of the customers, I'm sure I'd get surprises in my food.

2. I really like the carbon-less vouchers we have to fill out in order to get paid, and all the detail the county wants.

1. and ... in spite of the above, my mother taught me everyone deserves a fair break, so to all of you assigned counsel clients out there, come look at my diploma, my grade point average, my crappy Jeep that needs new carrier bearings, my waning bank account and my credit card balances. And thank my mother for keeping me going (may she rest in peace).

whew. Now I can get back to work.


Susan said...

Hang in there! It stinks to be so unappreciated, especially when what you're doing is of far more benefit to others than to yourself.

twig said...

You've just summed up the story of my life -- though all my cases are on one floor. *laugh*

brewerburns said...

You're not insane, just underappreciated and that always sucks. I suppose the best thing I can say about the situation is that at least you know that you're doing your best to make the world a more fair place.

Thanks for the blog comment, btw. I like the poison ivy idea.

Shannon said...

I know EXACTLY what you're talking about, and I do it anyway too.

The Frog said...

Why you are "insane" is why you are a good person too.