Saturday, July 22, 2006

When It Rains

... it pours, just like today. Buckets since early morning. It's good, though, finally cooling off. Perfect day for a nap, too -- if I can swing it.

Lots to report. First, a FO!

Yarn: King Tut 100% cotton

Pattern: Semi-taken from "Creative Knitting" Garter Ridge Cardi from this Spring. I eliminated the ridges, made the edging a different color, and opted for 3/4 length sleeves.

The scoop: The yarn is very soft and slinky. Splits a bit, but I used Addi Turbos and it worked out fine. I'm not happy with the back neck -- picking up, not breaking up is hard to do. I fiddled with it, too much, and have decided to live with it instead of rip. I love the buttons and, true to form, have absolutely nothing in my wardrobe to match the color.

And this is what happens when cats are left alone all day, and you leave a skein of yarn draped around the back of a chair, mid-winding.

Hmmmm, who to suspect?

I made more jam -- black raspberries that are abundant on our property.

And finally, meet the newest member of the family. As yet un-named.

My son Jon got an early birthday present from his dad. He's 12 weeks old, and cute as a pudgy little bug, and lives with Jon at his Dad's house. When I went over to see him, the little tyke was already chewing on the television remote.

I can't wait until he meets his big step-sister Alice.


twig said...

Is that the cotton they have at AC Moore? If so, I've been coveting that. It looks and feels nice.
Love the sweater. It will be great just to keep off the chill if the nights around here ever get cool again.

What a sweet face on the pooch! I haven't had a puppy that age in my house in... oh.... let's see it was Tess and she was born in 1988 ...a long time. Every time I get the hankering to have a puppy I think of the 3 years straight I had a puppy and that cure me. But then I see a face like that and....

Shannon said...

Congrats on the new doggie. I like the sweater too - nice clean lines.

Mary, Mary... said...

Love the sweater!--you'll find something to go with it this fall. Re:new puppy--tell responsible adult that we have gone through at least 5 remotes w/our Brittany Spaniel.New Siamese mix kitten has matters well in hand...!