Friday, July 14, 2006

It's hot and it IS Friday

Still hot. Steamy. Sultry. (Anyone remember "Throw Mama from the Train" with Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito?) But, it's Friday and only one more court appearance to go. I hate living for the weekends, but it seems like that's all I do lately. Most nights, like last, I make it home with barely enough energy to feed the cats. I watched a marginal DVD about Horatio Hornblower (okay, so the library was running low), and went to bed around 10. It feels like I have no life during the week. And people wonder why I've told all my kids NOT to be lawyers!

Knitting update -- I started the English pattern, diving right in without a swatch. The good news was that the gauge was fine. The bad news was my translation of millimeters to inches. I cast on for the first size -- usually okay for me -- and it could have fit Barbie. Then I remember what happened when I went to Ireland and tried on clothes. My usual 8-10 was a struggle to get over my shoulders. The nice salesperson explained that the sizing was different, so I shouldn't immediately crash diet. I didn't think Guiness was that fattening!

So I ripped, and started again, now with a bigger size. I love the color, and the feel of the yarn -- very soft. Though like cotton, the ply tends to split. So I have to be careful it doesn't get "loopy", and I'm using Addi turbos with blunter tips. The lace pattern is easy to remember, so it should go pretty fast.

And just for fun, here's a photo I scanned of my parents at the beach -- 1940 when they were still dating. I love the "Lucy" kerchief and her "real woman" thighs!


twig said...

Is Dad really tall or is Mom really short?

I love the old pictures of my family. While it may not have been, life always looked happier and simpler back then.

KnittingJones said...

Both! Mom was 4'11" and Dad 6 feet. I'm all of 5-1!