Friday, July 28, 2006

Feckless Friday

1. I've caught the bug. Mason-Dixon "warshcloths". I was at Michael's yesterday, and Sugar & Cream was on sale for $1 a ball! Who could resist?

I love the funky colors, and though it's squished on the needles, I think it will turn out fine. It's also quick, easy and mindless -- perfect for on the desk knitting (or on the phone with a difficult client knitting).

2. Sox. Red. Sox. Red Sox sox!

My partner in crime is from Boston. Sorry, Bah-stan, where she p-ah-ks her c-ah. She loves the Red Sox, and her birthday is in September. I've even ordered the "B" symbol to sew on the top! I predict I'll have to buy her a box of Depends 'cause she'll pee when she opens the gift.

3. Chimpanzees! I had the most wonderful experience recently. Friends of Jack spent some time here:

And helped take care of:

The head caretaker, Stany Nywandi, is visiting here before he goes to a Chimp Conference in Florida. Picture it -- chimps in suits around a conference room table. Bananas everywhere!


is a wonderful man who, with his wife, escaped from some serious fighting in Africa. He was separated from his wife and children (4) for some time -- they actually had to hide in the jungle -- but now are reunited. He is also caring for his brother's 3 children, as his brother suffers from AIDS.

Jack is exploring the possibility of writing a book about Stany's experiences, and might go to Uganda in the fall -- maybe for several months. As for me, I've already ordered some cotton yarn (Crayon by Knitpicks) to knit log-cabin kid blankets for his kids. I know, it's Africa. But he says it gets cool in the evenings. And what kid wouldn't want a cozy, fluffy blanket!

That's all for now -- it's Friday afternoon and I'm the only loser in the office. Hence the title of the post. Time to go knit!

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twig said...

I love that washcloth pattern. I may actually have to break down and buy the book.