Thursday, November 02, 2006

Elmer Fudd has mittens!

Isn't this funny? The spouse loves them. It's camo yarn (Paton's Merino), and I pattern I found in one of my mother's old books from the forties. Trigger Finger Mittens. I used size 3, KnitPicks dps (which I love) for a tighter gauge -- it gits cold in dem dere woods! I was also thinking, couldn't Mr. Spock use a pair? In Science Officer blue, with black trim, of course.

And here's the progress on the hand-dyed self-creation. This is a sleeve, and the yellow is a provisional cast on because I can't decide if I want ribbing or something different.

I'm worried the sleeve is going to be too baggy -- but I always worry -- and if it were smaller, I'd worry it was too tight. I love the softness of the wool/alpaca blend, and can't wait to be wearing this, because snow is in the forecast.

Off to Court -- to fight for truth, justice and the American Divorce!


Zarzuela said...

That is the coolest mitten! My dad would probably love those (he's a hunter too). The self-dyed is just beautiful colors! LOL @ that last line!! Too funny! :)


Liz said...

Trigger finger mittens, I love it! My husband is a hunter too & always jokes that he wants me to knit him something in camo (I bought Lorna's laces camo for socks). I've got some of my mom's old knitting books too, I'm going to look through them again.