Monday, November 06, 2006

Nerds R Us

I confess -- I love office supply stores. I can spend almost as much time browsing the aisles of pens, pencils, notebooks ... as I can in a bookstore. (Never a yarn store -- browsing in my LYS is like encountering a hole in the space-time continuum -- just ask the man).

And family owned, small town office supply stores are like heaven. So, every time I find myself in Yates County, at the courthouse in Penn Yan, NY, I must go to Long's Office Supply Store. You should see their selection of jigsaw puzzles! Crosswords, too! But I digress. Here is what I found today:
Yes, it looks like a pencil pouch. A pencil pouch that stands up on your desk.

But ... what's that peeking out the sides?

Double pointed knitting needles!!!!

And more:

See my little scissors? My yarn needle holder?

I'm in love, and all for only $2.49.

I may go back for more.

In other knitting news, here are two hats -- one for the chemo cap project of my monthly library knitting group, and the other knit from Lamb's Pride scraps for the VA Xmas project. The man says that he should have the green one, because he's a veteran too, but I told him forget it. (He didn't really mean it, but now I know he likes the style).

Okay -- I've tried to post those photos twice, so either this entry will be empty of hats, or have 4. Talk about space-time ...

It's Election Day tomorrow, so that means no court. Hurray. But it also means I have no choice but to plunge into all the paperwork that's on my desk. You know, the dog files that just sit and wait, patiently, ready to bite your hand when you pick them up?


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A South Park Republican said...

What a great pencil/knitting pouch! Brilliant! I'm gonna have to check out the selection at my office supply store.