Friday, November 03, 2006

It's not a mistake ...

it's a hat!!! Below you'll find the ultimate in making lemonade from lemons -- last year I started a scarf knit from Lamb's Pride Bulky. Tried the triangle-modular thing (I'd done a solid color one for TwinB last Christmas), but hated how this looked. Shoved it in a drawer, tried not to think about it.

So last night, as I was rummaging for yarn to knit a charity hat, I saw the scarf. Hmmmm, I thought. What if I sewed the ends together, picked up stitches and made it into a hat? So I did!

It's even cute on, warm as the Sabres' dressing room, and will be donated to our Bar Association's charity drive for Xmas -- hats, scarves, etc. for patients at the VA Hospital (men and women).

I had a good day yesterday -- actually took the afternoon off, got a haircut, spent some time with TwinA. Who is studying and working waaay too hard and needs to eat more and take care of herself (are you listening, Andy?) 2 more weeks until the quarter ends, then hopefully some down time with Mom at home.

Here are the flowers the camoflague hat caused:

Lovely, eh? (forgive me, I grew up essentially across the street from our friendly neighbors to the north -- Canada)

Now, I didn't notice until I took the photo, what the card actually says: Love, Como Man.

As in Perry Como? I thought he was dead!

It reminds me of a few summers ago when my oldest wanted to invite her friends to a vegetarian cook-out -- grilled veggies, salads ... We went to the local supermarket for a cake, and she told the bakery clerk to write "Meat is Murder" on it. I know, a little extreme, but funny.

Funnier still was what was on the cake when we picked it up. Of course, this was a weekend, and the bakery was staffed by a guy in his early 20's who appeared ok, but was in reality a few yards short of a skein. The cake read: "Meats is Murder". Meats!!! It's now become part of the family laughography!

So back to the title of this post -- it's not a mistake, but when they do happen, they can be damned funny.

over and out ...


Carrie K said...

That hat came out pretty! Mistake, my eye.

Meats is Murder? Yikes. The spelling, not the sentiment.

Zarzuela said...

LOL!! You sure know how to turn those lemons into lemonaid!! :)


KnittyOtter said...

That hat is really neat looking! :D