Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What I've been up to ...

or ... the good, the bad and the ugly. You choose!

This is good. It's a hat for charity -- the colors look a little garish, but it works. Note the cool curly-ques on top -- the colors are orange, lime green and turquoise, all in Lamb's Pride. I used size 8s, and cast on 72 stitches, did k2 p2 rib for 2 inches, then increased to 84 stitches. I started decreasing when the whole thing measured about 5 inches, then did a k10, ssk round, decreasing 1 st every alternate round until the end. Voila! Crazy kid hat.

It's a charity project, and will be going to the Open Door Mission for the homeless in Rochester as part of a Christmas package.

And ... more good.

I've been working valiantly on my first "outside of the lines" sweater project. I started out doing a basic raglan, using the Elizabeth Zimmermann proportions (with a provisional cast-on because I was unsure what kind of edging I wanted), then saw the Winter 2006 IK and the Refined Raglan. So I quickly adoped the Lace and Cable pattern, even though my stitch count was a little off.
As you can see, the edging is in Lace and Cable (different from IK), and I'm loving it. I'm also going to do a higher neckline, more of a mock turtle, when I get there.

The yarn is 50/50 wool and alpaca, from Ellen's Half Pint Farm in Vermont. This was my indulgence at the Hemlock Fiber Festival and I absolutely love the way the yarn feels and drapes. I know, I know -- pooling. But I did alternate skeins, and I just don't care. I think it looks neat no matter what! And I can't wait to wear it. ETA finishing by Thursday (I hope)!

And more good ...
See the cool pen I ordered from Twig's website? It's www.wicksandwood.com and I love it. I'm a fountain pen freak, and this is a lovely tulip wood. Feels great in my hands and the colors in the grain are wonderful. Go Twig! (but not her team -- those dreaded Rangers).

And the bad and the ugly are all in one -- remember the case I posted about last time? The one where I thought I might be thrown in jail for contempt? Well, it was damned close. The pseudo-Judge would not let me out of the case, moved forward with the trial, wouldn't let my client present her proof, sustained every objection of opposing counsel, denied every one of my objections, and when I said his actions were certainly issues for appeal, said "Go ahead. The Appellate Division can use the work."

I almost lost it. I'm still reeling.

And that has led to a real depression in my outlook, work-wise. Maybe having a few days off will help, but I'm just feeling like I'm going through the motions. It's a struggle to get up, get dressed and go to the office. I wish I were independently wealthy. Then, I'd limit my practice to Law Guardian work and screw the rest.

Enough venting -- more knitting!


A South Park Republican said...

Try not to think about work - instead think about that AWESOME sweater. It is really gorgeous, pooling and all.

Carrie K said...

The hat is cute, the pen is cool and the sweater - especially the edging - is gorgeous.

Work? not so much. The Appellate Division can use the work? How nice of him to be concerned about their workload [sarcasm}.