Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Baby News!

Baby Sarah has arrived, yesterday at 2 pm. All's well with Mom and baby, and I can't wait to see her.

No knitting news -- I've been too busy digging up the coffee cans in the back yard to find enough money to pay my taxes. Arghhhhhh. I'm one of those last minute filers who stays in denial until the end.

But the Quest for the Cup continues with my team up 2-1 in the first series. I have to keep reminding myself -- one puck at a time, one puck at a time.


Asa said...

Congrats on the new baby, glad to hear all are well. My Canucks also just went up 2-1 in their series against the Stars. And they are home for the next two games. Go Canucks Go!!


Zarzuela said...

Here's to ending the series tonight (and not worrying about taxes again until next year)!