Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good News/Bad News

The Good: I leave on Friday for 7 days in Florida, on the ocean, with a gal lawyer pal. On the agenda -- novels, knitting and drinks with umbrellas. That's it.

The Bad: Every single client I have is having a crisis that must be resolved before I leave. Or so they think. I feel like the Rangers' Goalie will during the next round of the play-offs when fielding the hundreds of pucks that will be shot his way by Buffalo. None of which will be going in the net, of course!

Has anyone ever knit on the beach? I'm thinking socks will be good -- not too heavy on the lap, I can shake out the sand. And besides, I can always use one of the drink umbrella sticks if I lose a dpn. And the cotton-linen sweater for inside, when the sun gets too hot.

Here's hoping for good weather, and a sports bar nearby to watch the playoffs!

PS For those who are wondering why all the fuss about hockey, check out the Hockey Knitters Knitalong for others like me!


twig said...

OH MY GOSH! You're going to miss most of the series. It's probably better that you don't see the way we make mincemeat of your boys.

But seriously, why in the world would you pick NOW to go?

Have fun. Wave to my mom as you fly over north Florida.

Cole said...

I hope you have fun in Florida! I know that you could definitely use the break for some relaxation away from the courtroom. Knitting on the beach sounds nice.

Asa said...

Have a great vacation - you'll need five drinks to make enough knitting needles for sock knitting on the beach... just making sure you're getting into the right frame of mind.


Carrie K said...

Ooh fun! Beach!

Of course they all need you now. Just make sure you turn your phone off when you leave.

Last thing I knit on the beach was a cotton log cabin quilt. One circular needle, semi mindless knitting. Socks might work. I'd probably lose a needle though.

Have a great time!

Zarzuela said...

Enjoy the much deserved vacation! I'll keep an eye on how our boys beat up on those Rangers while you're gone. :)