Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm Smarter Than I Think!

See? There are the instructions for the Ribwarmer.

Here's my first half!

Oh me of little faith.

I'm not too thrilled about the result of the short row shaping, but it may be that I'm missing a trick to make it look tighter. I'm thinking of ordering the expanded instructions directly from SchoolHouse Press for later versions.

I'm thinking of black I-Cord edging.

And, to show off, a Xmas present from TwinB. Isn't the little knitting charm adorable? She totally spoiled me. It's certainly a change having an adult kid who's working -- but I do miss those egg-carton/construction paper/glue creations from the younger days!


A South Park Republican said...

Love the bracelet! I've been wanting a knitting themed charm bracelet for awhile but no one seems to sell them pre-made. Does TwinB want a new career? :)

twig said...

YAY on the rib warmer. I guess my wonderful advice "I don't know" worked. heheheh

Nice bracelet. I guess you should keep TwinB

Carrie K said...

I couldn't figure out the ribwarmer. I finally knit up the yarn into a sweater that I still haven't figured out the neckline. Hmmm. A theme.

Nice bracelet!