Saturday, January 13, 2007

It seemed like a good plan ....

Okay, knitting only on one project at a time has to go. First of all, I have no photos to post. I mean, who wants to see more garter stitch rows on the Ribwarmer? Secondly, and most seriously, it makes me not want to knit! *placing back of hand against forehead, trying not to faint*

I think I like being able to feel different textures of yarn in different projects, see items progress at different rates, and do different types of knitting. I love the ribwarmer, but I'm getting pretty darned bored with just garter stitch, more garter stitch, and then more garter stitch. I dream of cables, slip stitch color, even the dreaded heel turns!

So it's back to the drawing board. Maybe I'll just refrain from starting new projects, until I finish one of the existing WIPs, and switch depending on my mood.

But today ... I'm shuffling off to Buffalo to see my hockey boys play! Don't want to take knitting -- somehow, the smell of beer and peanuts never comes out, so my new yarn plan will start tomorrow.

Here's to keeping your stick on the ice and shots on goal!


twig said...

I wonder if that's the source of my lack of knitting mojo lately. I do have two other projects going but neither one excites me so I'm just working on the one project and, frankly, I'm sorta bored with it.

Good luck to you at the game today (though you won't need it the way they're playing).

Carrie K said...

Hope the game went well!

One project? Horrors. It always sounds like a good idea, but I'm not that monogamous. I get bored and then I start to hate the project. It's much better if I can rotate them around.