Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Lucy Moment

Learn from this -- when replacing a vaccuum cleaner bag, don't try to make the wrong size fit. Say, you bought size "J" instead of "U", but they're both for uprights, so who cares? And so it doesn't quite fit on the opening, but you get out your trusty scissors, and widen the opening on the bag and (snuggly or so you think) put it on, and vaccuum away.

Days pass. Days of successful vaccuuming.

Then, after dusting the entire living area, you plug in the trusty upright and begin the zen-like process of vaccuuming. (It's the white noise). All of a sudden,


The bag pops, the vaccuum cleaner has a seizure, and there is dust EVERYWHERE, including your hair, the tip of your nose, the dog, the tip of the dog's nose, and there is no other vaccuum cleaner bag to be found in the house.

Oh, Looooocie!

I should have stuck to knitting instead of deciding to clean.

1 comment:

twig said...

*snicker* This is why I think cleaning is evil. It just makes more of a mess. AND if something is clean, when dust gets on it, you can see it. BUT if it's dusty already and gets more dust on it, you can't tell.