Thursday, January 04, 2007


I'm late to the party, but have become totally enamored with Elizabeth Zimmermann's style of knitting, and her patterns. I love the simplicity, as well as the no-full (no seams!) philosophy.

So here is my first EZ creation in progress: The Ribwarmer, from Knitter's Workshop. The yarn is mystery gray wool, that I bought at a craft sale (a bag for $3 -- couldn't resist). You can't see closely, but there are little flecks of black and it looks very "natural". Natural and ... scratchy. I'm going to soak the finished product in conditioner, but since I'll probably be wearing it over a heavy shirt, it won't be a problem.

But ... I need advice. Do I have a problem here? Note the instructions, especially the diagram. It says to start the short row shaping "on the long side", which I did. I'm now at the part where I add a stitch each row, and I'm suddenly unsure.

It doesn't look like the picture. Did I screw up? Does the "long side" really mean the other side? Or will it all work out as I increase? Perhaps I'm just overly nervous (who me?).

Any advice/opinions would be most welcome.

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twig said...

I've not knit that, but I probably will one of these days. I'd say trust your instincts. Looking at it in the book, I'm completely flummoxed.