Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm Fixated

Yep -- it's Cascade Fixation in wild and wacky colors. I love these little stretchy socks! Here's another view:

Not to vent (okay, I am venting), but I had a particularly nasty custody case this morning, that was supposed to go to trial, but one of the parties mistakenly thought it had been adjourned. Right. So, the morning was spent in between (I'm law guardian for a 4 year old) two bellowing lawyers who were throwing accusations back and forth like firecrackers. The Judge, an elderly gentleman who is nothing but courtly (pun intended!), said he didn't mind if I knit to stay calm, so I did! Finished the sock! But the trial resumes next week.

And here, for your viewing enjoyment, are photos of two shawls I knit last year from Kid-n-Ewe, a discontinued yarn by Bryspun (50% wool-50% kid mohair). I am an absolute 'ho for this yarn, and someone on the yahoo knit digest group has an entire cone! She wanted to see how it knit up, so here we go:

It's perfect for shawls, and I have plans to make a cardigan with the kelly green skeins I bought on e-bay a few months ago.

And finally, a "what is it" photo:

or .... what could it be used for? Answer to be revealed!

1 comment:

twig said...

Oh what a lovely day at court! At least the judge understood the importance of a good knit.

What pretty shawls! Perhaps I should send you mine to knit for me? (Can't blame a gal for trying)

Love the socks. Definitely cheerful. I've not used my Fixation yet. I'm askeered of it.

What is it? Pen case? Glasses case? DPN holder?