Friday, June 15, 2007

The Perils of Knitting at Work

Well, I finished the Fixation socks, and am happily wearing them on my bug-bitten feet today. There is, however, a down side.

I've been knitting them at lunch. No, it's not that I dribbled ketchup from my fries on the yarn, or dipped it in my soup. It's how wonderful they are.


Turquoise Fixation. Purchased as a result of a grown woman, a professional woman, President of the local bar association! Whining. Begging. Pleading for me to make her a pair of socks right away, before she goes on vacation to Cape Cod.

Well, don't tell anyone else, but I'm easy. And she is my law partner. And I'm secretly flattered that my knitting is coveted (is that a sin? "Thou shall not covet thy partner's knitting?" Did Moses knit? Do angels knit? All I can say is that there better be knitting in heaven or I'm not going. Not that I'm certain to be invited ....).

So that's my new portable project, as I still struggle with sleeve #2 on Big Blue. I have serious plans to plop myself in a chair on the deck this weekend and knit like a maniac.

In other news, the mortgage came through, so it looks like we're going to be Innkeepers. Check out for our big risk opportunity. I've been calling Jack "Bob Newhart", but he says that means we'll have to have Larry, Larry and Darryl, so I'm not too sure about that! Anyway, I'm both excited and scared. But it will definitely be an adventure, and as long as I can knit, it'll be okay!


twig said...

YAY on the mortgage. I don't think it would be too bad to have Larry, Larry, and Darryl around. But you'd have to wear those awful sweaters Joanna wore.

Purl said...

What a beautiful place! And it looks like it has lots of great spaces for knitting.

I don't knit at lunch often--now I study at lunch. What a great idea for making the day much more fun. said...

Wow, congrats on the Inn. Looks beautiful! Perhaps you can have knitting groups meet there?

barbp said...

I've been thinking you haven't been blogging as nothing showed up for you in my bloglines. Then a closer look told me I didn't have you in my bloglines - look at everything I missed!!

Did someone say knitting retreat?? Hmmmmmm. I love your stretchy fun loud fixation socks lemon and lime are two of my favorite colors.

Zarzuela said...

Congrats on the new adventure! And three cheers for obsessive sock knitting. :) Always good to hear that. :)