Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Peep

... and sock. The first ankle sock is finished, and feels wonderful. It's a little baggy around the cuff, and I might decrease to 44 stitches on the second sock, but it could be because I pulled the yarn too tight when I was first knitting, then had to rip out and start over. The Cascade Fixation feels nice, but it's weird to knit with elastic -- I wasn't sure whether or not to make it taut or just relax, so in the end I relaxed. And yes, that's a Peep dipped in dark chocolate. Yum!

The foot is progressing nicely (I'll spare you a photo of the bruised toes) and it's off to the doc for unwrapping tomorrow. By the way, the doc himself called me last night to see how I was doing. The skeptical part of my brain says it's only because I'm a lawyer, but the optimist would like to believe it's because he is a really nice guy.

How many of my fellow knitting lawyers think we get treated differently by the medical profession? I think we do. My law partner got a letter recently from her doc because she had been lax in scheduling a test. He said, of course, that he "would not be liable" for any negative result for her failure to have the test ... She also thinks that doctors schedule more tests for us too. And we're matrimonial lawyers! Maybe they're afraid we'll represent their spouses! :)


Wendy said...

Try having a conversation during a gyno exam when you're a criminal defense attorney! That makes for a very intersting experience, uch!


Sourire11 said...

A peep dipped in chocolate? What a great idea! I made a peep pie this Easter (there’s a pic on my blog a few entries ago) but I think my peeps will be swimming in chocolate next year!

Btw I found your blog through and I’ve enjoyed reading it – the 1943 pic is GREAT.