Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Knitting and Legal Insanity

As I sit here at my desk, waiting for opposing counsel (aka the Prince of Darkness, Puff Daddy, and many other expletive deleteds) to call me back regarding whether or not my trial tomorrow will settle, I was wondering about the relationship between knitting and keeping sane in the legal profession. [ok, some may argue, my brother-in-law especially, that no lawyers are sane, but he's also Canadian by birth :)]

All I know is that when a particularly difficult client calls, and I'm in for 15 + minutes of who did or didn't do what to who, or that the other spouse gave the kids -- gasp -- Cheerios for dinner (of which I am guilty, especially when the picky eaters were small), I pick up my knitting. And in between difficult files to work on, I click over to knitting websites and blogs.

I think that knitting gives me the feeling that I'm actually accomplishing something, something both useful, colorful and good for the world. No one can hear my needles clicking, and I usually stay calmer.

What a world! Now if only clients would learn to knit ...

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