Monday, April 10, 2006

Well I'm back! And eager to start knitting on all the luscious yarn I stuffed in my suitcase. But first, the promised photos of the shops themselves.

That's me at The Point -- a fabulous yarn store with a cafe, and lots of yummy goodies. There's also a long table to sit at and knit, helpful staff, and loads of great yarn. And, what's not to love about a shop that has pink flamingoes in the front window!

The next shots are of School Products. Did I mention the cone of laceweight merino, 4800 yards, muted tones of blue and green, for $34???? Plus, beautiful off-white wool, with gold threads, $6 per skein?

This place is amazing. From the outside, you think you're going into an office building, but once on the third floor, it's a slice of heaven. The owner and her staff were friendly and helpful, and the bargains just can't be beat.

My other yarn store visits weren't as positive. A stop at PurlSoho on Sullivan Street reaffirmed the sad fact that I have more taste than money -- lovely yarn, beautifully displayed. But at $40 a skein, for an admittedly beautiful silk, no way. And the biggest disappointment was Seaport Yarns on William Street. Lots and lots of yarn, but narrow rooms, hot and stuffy. It was, according to TwinB, like being in someone's closet. I know there are lots of fans of Seaport out there, but I was claustrophobic and left -- gasp -- without buying a thing.

But I left with: 2 skeins of Cascade Fixation in blue, for anklets for oldest daughter; the CONE; the gold skeins, which will be a shawl; and some lovely purple heathered Opal for socks. Not bad, and under (barely) my $100 budget.


Merrill Mason said...

Hey! You missed my favorite NYC knitting store, Purl. Check out their website It's a sister run business. The sister who runs the store, Joelle, is a painter which shows magnificently in color of her yarn choices (the other sister rund the online biz). Joelle and I are both refugees from the "Serious" art world so I have a particular fondness for her. Plus she's fun and has a great eye. (I linked to your blog via your comment on Knit and the City.)

Lenore said...

Man, ok, I have to say that you have more willpower than me, having been unable to pass up $40 silk yarn. Bleh.

At least you can say you have taste AND smarts, whereas I have taste and am out a hundred something dollars.