Thursday, April 27, 2006

Three Lovely Ladies

... and all under five feet tall! This was taken several years ago of, in order, Aunt Alice, Aunt Louise. and my Mom. I'm hoping by posting photos of Aunt Louise on the web, some weird cyber-connection will loop around and boost her health. Could be true!

Anyway, you can get alot of knitting done when you're worried. Purple heathered sock #1 is almost done, I'm up to the armholes on the cotton cardigan, and I'm going to start a shawl. Whew. And I even went to the Elmwood Yarn Shop (on Hertel Avenue, not Elmwood Ave - go figure) in Buffalo in between hospital visits to add to the mix, but of all things, the store is closed on Wednesdays! Wednesdays? Don't the owners know about mid-week slump, cured only by the purchase of yarn? Seems like a major marketing error to me.

Tomorrow morning, Jack and I are flying to Denver for a visit with Jason, Regna and my two step-grandkids. I'm packing more yarn than clothes, or so it seems, and hope to find good shops on the western slope of Colorado, near Grand Junction. I'm looking forward to driving across the Continental Divide, and general sight-seeing.

This is a scarf for Regna -- who is tall and willowy, as well as an artist. It's Cherry Hill Sachet, Indian Summer, and mixed with some nice merino wool and a few strands of Baby Loop.

Well, back to packing -- where to put those circular needles!

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Shelley said...

Your knitting looks great. I love that scarf you made.

I'm here through knitting bloggers and wanted to stop and say hello.