Sunday, October 08, 2006

Five Things

In the middle of my sleep deprived existence (read at 3:00 a.m.), I found myself thinking about things that go with knitting, and things that don't. So here's my list, with a disclaimer that I may be suffering from sleep deprivation hallucinatory thoughts --

So, knitting and

1. Hockey. Okay, of course I'd say that. But it works. During tense moments, I knit faster. During really tense moments, I look down at my project, with one tiny peek at the t.v. screen. It can't be a complicated pattern though, or one that will fly off the needles when thrown off the lap for a victory dance.

2. Watching children sleep. It's been a while, but I fondly remember sitting in the twins' room, rocking and knitting, seeing the little cherubs quiet at last.

3. Drinking Guiness in an Irish Pub. The highlight of my knitting life. No one gave me strange looks, and every time I wear the shawl I made during that trip, I can taste that creamy goodness.

4. Groups. I just love to get together with other knitters, whether one or twenty. There's a loose collection of us that gathers at a local coffee shop every Sunday, and I've been trying to imagine a cool name for us.

Q: "What did you do this weekend?' "
A: "Oh, got together with my knitting crew."

-- knitting posse? gang of knitters? needle wielders?

5. Train rides. I've been known to extend the length of my trip just to feel the train sway back and forth, look out the window, and knit. Flying just isn't as knitting-friendly -- narrow seats, no room for the knitting bag, fear that knitting needles will suddenly and without notice go the way of toothpaste and cosmetics.

and not

1. Snacks. Try as I might, I just can't figure out how to eat popcorn and knit. Maybe if someone would feed me ... But, there is an upside -- it stops me from digging right into that evil bag of Doritos if I have sox in my hands.

2. Movies. I can't do it in the dark.

3. Driving. I would if I could, believe me. (Note: this does not apply to being a passenger, but then I do have to suffer through DH's driving habits).

4. Sleep. See answer to #3, except for the reference to DH.

5. Blogging. Can't type and knit at the same time! Hmm, could try typing with toes ...

So, those are my thoughts -- feel free to respond with answers of your own!


twig said...

I solved the blogging problem. I have voice recognition software so I can knit and "write" at the same time. Clearly you're just not trying hard enough. *snicker*

Shannon said...

I always knit through movies, but we only watch them on DVD. It's a small price to pay.

Carrie k said...

Knitting on a train sounds lovely.

I can knit and blog but I usually don't because then I'd be sitting up and knitting.

You can knit during a hockey game? Isn't anyone shouting out numbers?

Dipsy D. said...

Now, what a highly interesting list this was! Hm... I'm with you on the hockey topic - but what I never understood is how in all the world people can knit while they're in the stadium, watching a game "Live" - this is beyond me! I wouldn't even try, I'd poke the sticks into my own or someone else's eyes out of sheer excitement - it'd be way too dangerous ;)
I would have *SO* loved to see you sitting there in that Irish Pub, drinking Guinness and knitting - mind you, I would have run to get my own knitting and join you, this sounds SOOO relaxing - absolutely perfect! And yay for Guinness!
As for knitting in the movies, one should invent needles that have a tiny little light on top, just enough to see the stitches, but not too bright in order not to bother others - wouldn't that be amazing? ;)

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