Thursday, October 12, 2006

Trial From Hell (almost)

.... with the help of a very straight shooting Judge. I've been driving myself crazy the past 2 days, organizing exhibits, making testimony outlines, going over the facts in my head again and again, knowing that trial was a huge risk for my client.

So this morning, after I lug in two briefcases, set up all the exhibits on the counsel table, prep my client for cross, the Judge calls counsel back in the chambers.

Let me ask you this: when a judge says to you, "Counselor, I'd advise you to tell your client to take the settlement offer and run," that would be a good indication that the trial won't go your way, correct?

So I did. She took it. No trial. What a relief. So ... I came home and took a nap!

and tonight ... frog city. You guys are right, Twig and Carrie. If I hate it now, I'll hate it always.



twig said...

Glad the client finally listened. I can only hope that I get that lucky. Two of my cases seem destined for trial -- but thankfully the issue is with the opposing parties.

Carrie k said...

A client that listens? Who knew? I wish tax clients listened. To me. Not their bartenders or manicurist or the next door neighbor.

A nap! Bliss!