Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not UFO's, FOs Scottie!

Two FO's today -- the first is a scarf for TwinA, my own design. She's not sure about fringe, so I left it off, and can add later if she decides.

It's Lamb's Pride worsted, knit on 10's. Seed stitch on the sides, Trinity Stitch on the ends, and yer basic cables in the middle.

The second is the cutest baby hat ever! (can you tell I'm a 'ho for babies?) It's part of my hockey charity knitting :, and adapted from the Bee Hive hat in S-n-B Nation. Now I want to do matching sox.

Well, it's almost 11 and all I've done so far at the office is surf the web. My boy turns 16 next week, and I'm going nuts trying to get him a special present -- of all 4, he's the only one who inherited the love of sci-fi and Star Trek gene. I'm looking all over for a cardboard standup of Mr. Data, to no avail. Worf is second ("Today would be a good day to die!" - it gets me every time). I'm close, and can't believe I'll be spending almost $40. Oh well. It's cheaper than buying him a car!


twig said...

I do love that hat. The bee finishes up the look.

Lucky TwinA. I always enjoy knitting cables because they are easy to do but makes the end product look difficult.

OH! OH! Are the cut outs life size? That's so cool. Can ya tell I'm a trekkie?

KnittingJones said...

Life sized! Live long and prosper, Twig!

Andrea Donadio said...


its OCTOBER 2006.
why is my neck so cold?