Saturday, October 28, 2006

A new GrandPuppy!

For those that have known me a long time, it's no surprise that I a simply a 'ho for babies. Always have been, always will be. Kids too, of all ages, but there is something indescrible about holding a tiny one, having him/her sleep in your arms, nuzzling that soft skin ... Now, I have 4 children, 3 of whom are daughters, and all in their early twenties. So I'm in no hurry to be a grandmother -- I want them to be settled and secure, and most of all, ready. On the other hand -- my hands, actually -- I'm dying to knit teeny tiny little cute garments.

Enter, Ubu.

Oldest daughter (that's Lizzie, with fiancee Bob in the background) and their new pup, "Ubu". He's a rescue pup, part Boston Terrier and part Beagle, and adorable.

He needs a sweater. No, he needs a sweater! And maybe a little cap ...

Anyone with doggie patterns, please email!

And since the site has been devoid of knitting content lately, I can only promise more later. My camera is in the car, it's raining like crazy outside, I'm still in my pjs ... but here's a list of what's being currently worked on:

Camo trigger mittens -- yes, I finished the hat, and the man loves it so much, he sent me flowers. Yipe!

My Hemlock alpaca/wool hand-dyed sweater -- about 1/2 way to the armholes on the body.

Family Denim Tunic from Weekend Knitting -- I love this sweater, I hate the miles and miles and miles of seed stitch.

Swallowtail Shawl -- I have to frog back a few rows and am dreading it. Mohair. Need I say more?

Log Cabin Blanket -- this is for Project Linus, and I'll be knitting during hockey games. Easy, mindless, can be thrown to the floor during victory dances without a problem.

And to end with another dog photo -- here's Alice, sleeping with paw over eyes. Definitely too big for a dog sweater, and at 90 lbs, no need!


twig said...

You're telling me the girl holding the dog is in her 20s? She's just a pup. Well, not a pup pup, but a pup. And cute pup pup, too. Ok, I'm confusing myself.

And I thought my on the needles list was out of control.

Carrie K said...

But so adorable, Alice is! Even if she's too big to knit a sweater for.

A puppy! Aw. That's your daughter? With a fiancee? She does look young.

Log Cabin! You've got to post a picture. I love Log Cabins and my is languishing.

Zarzuela said...

Awww congrats on the grandpuppy! :)