Thursday, October 19, 2006

Random Thursday

Books on CD

Has anyone used any of the audio book rental programs out there? I'm always scouring the local library for good selections, and most often the ones I'd like aren't there, and the overall collection is pretty thin. So I checked on-line, and there are a few companies that operate a lot like "Netflix" -- for $ per month, you can have unlimited rentals, no late fees, pre-paid mailing envelopes.

I'm trying to justify spending 15-20 bucks a month on this and am wavering. I don't drive long distances (usually), but I hate FM radio, and I think I could copy the discs to my computer and/ipod to listen to places other than the car (and ... while knitting!). Then I add it up and say, "$240 a year for stuff I can get from the library?" And then my other voice says, "You work hard and have few vices (okay, ignore the stash)."

Arghhh. My sister would tell me just to do it. "You deserve it", I can hear her say.

So, if anyone has any experience with this stuff -- please let me know. I can't tell which site has the most books, and which might be the better deal. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Everyone into the Pool

I finally started knitting with the lovely yarn I bought at the Hemlock Fiber Fest. Here's a photo:

I've also decided to take the plunge and try to design the sweater myself. Just a basic pullover, raglan -- and I'm not sure about the ribbing/edging, so I did a provisional cast on with waste yarn.

160 stitches, joined in the round, and the first thing I notice is that each time around, the same colors come up in the same place. Pooling. So i quickly search the web, and some books at home, and decide to alternate rows with both ends of the skein -- 1 row from the center; 1 from the outside.

I've only done 4, but I'm wondering -- will this lead to stripes? Is this a bad thing? What are the rules? I may have a WIP photo tomorrow, depending on whether or not I fall asleep on the couch (again) tonight.

Waking early and School Bus Rant

Couldn't sleep past 4 this morning. I was wiiiide awake, and by 6 decided that if I was going to be tired later anyway, I might as well go to the office and get some work done. On the way in, I got stuck behind a few school buses (my usual time to drive in is around 8:15 -- this was 6:45).

School buses. That got me thinking -- most businesses run on 9-5, or 8:30 -5 time. Most employers don't expect their employees to wake up at 5:30 and be ready to roll at 7. So why do we expect our kids to function well by doing that? Especially teenagers, who seem to need sleep like I need yarn.

Wouldn't it make more sense to shift the school day to, say, 8:30 - 4? That would also make life easier for working parents, wouldn't it?

Just a thought ...

Okay, I'm about to fall face first into the keyboard with fatigue, but have to put on the game face and go to Court. One of my JDs made threatening remarks at school. Again. Hey! Maybe if he didn't have to get up so damned early! Think the Judge will buy it?

... nah :)


Heather said...

Next time you're at your library, ask them if you can order titles from other libraries in the system. Our library doesn't have a huge selection of audiobooks either, but we're hooked up to some 20odd other libraries in northern Illinois, some of them absolutely HUGE, and we can just go online at home through our library website & order stuff from other libraries for free. I just said "library" waaaay too many times. But anyway. It's all free, and it just takes two to three days for the items you've requested to show up at your library, and I LOVE IT. It's called inter-library loan, and it's fabulous. Bon chance to you...I hate the idea of paying for something you can get for free!

Not An Artist said...

Have you checked out online (and free!) sources for public domain books like Librivox? I know Brenda Dayne of Cast-on (an amazing knitting podcast) was volunteering to read some and they seem like a great free resource to supplement your local library's selection!

KnittingJones said...

Thanks! I'll check both options out. I mean, when you think about it, $240 per year could be used for yarn instead!

Carrie K said...

I see you have your priorities in order! Yarn first, books 2nd. Especially when you can get the books for free and it's really hard to get good quality free yarn.