Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Field Trip!!!!!!

My big sister and I are going to Toronto, tomorrow. On the agenda are both the Hockey Hall of Fame and as many yarn stores as we can find. She wants to go to the "Shoe Museum" too, but I'm resisting. A museum about shoes???? Hmmm. Perhaps she is more like Imelda Marcos than I ever knew.

I can't wait, and am putting obsessive-compulsive sticky-notes on all my files so my assistant will know what to tell clients when they call incessantly in my absence. I swear, there is something like needy-client radar that makes them realize you're out of town and they absolutely must talk to you right that second about something as vitally important as .... "He/she took the Mexican sombrero lamp we got on our honeymoon out of the house!" or, the ever popular, "He/she was five minutes late picking up the children."

Oh well. I've brushed off my Canadian vocabulary, eh? And packed at least 2 toques. I'll also be bringing back as much Coffee Crisp and Cadbury chocolate as I can stuff in my bags. Not to mention souveniers from the Temple, the Taj, the Holiest of Holys, the Hockey Hall of Fame.

So, as said in the last three words of the Canadian National Anthem, "Drop the puck!"


twig said...

Oh that sounds like fun! Take lots of pictures. Especially if my baby Mark is in the Hall of Fame. (I doubt he is yet, though)

KnittingJones said...

Doesn't he have the cutest dimples? (even though he is a Ranger):)

Not An Artist said...

Don't forget to pick up some souvenir Tim Horton's coffee! And if you're downtown on wednesday night, check out the stitch 'n bitch at Lettuce Knit in Kensington Market, it's the hippest LYS in town and stitch 'n bitch there is always a fun time.

Dipsy D. said...

Well, if it's hockey shoes, eh? ;)))
Wishing you the best of times - but no doubt you're going to have them! And hey, while you're there, please get a little reservation out for a sace in the Hall of Fame - for Thomas Vanek! ;)

Amby said...

Hi Susan! I'm going to go ahead and send you an invite for the Nantucket Jacket KAL...I think most people are starting after the holidays...I've already started, but it's on hold while I frantically finish a pair of Christmas socks for my husband!