Friday, December 29, 2006

'Twas the week after Christmas ..

and all through the house,
every creature was sneezing, including BarbP's mouse!

And me. You can tell how deep the virus has imbeded in my brain if I'm making feeble attempts to rhyme. I feel just like a kid who has waited all year for vacation from school and gets sick. I mean, the Courts are closed, for St. Nick's sake! No one is in their offices! I should be frolicking, visiting yarn stores, making merry! Instead,

the felines are nestled, all snug in their beds,
recovering from catnip, too much it is said.

See? Stop me, now.

The other viral-inspired thought I've had is this: Who, as a character in literature, have you fallen in love with? A safe question, as a fictional character can't reasonable compete with the real men in our lives, and an interesting one. So, anyone who reads this, publish a list of at least 5 on your blog and challenge others to do the same!

Here goes:

1. Aragorn. Even before Vigo.
2. Rhett Butler. Never the wimpy ole' Ashley. What was she thinking?
3. Dr. Zhivago. Made even better by Omar Sharif's portrayal. Who wouldn't love a brooding Russian poet?
4. Mr. Rochester. Okay, so I have a thing for older men. Jane Eyre was a smart girl.
5. Garp.

Any takers?

ps The tissues were crumpled, .... no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


twig said...

You're really starting to scare me. I think much more cold and flu medicine is needed -- or vodka.

I'd have a hard time coming up with even 1 fictional man.

Dipsy D. said...

That's a great challenge - but heaven knows, I've been thinking like mad now and didn't even come up with one... Okay, Rhett Butler sounds great though ;)
Happy New Year - and yay for many more Vanek-goals!

Anonymous said...

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