Monday, December 11, 2006

Ho Ho Ho!

I got my replacement Brittany needle today! What a great company -- I snapped a size 5 while knitting socks, and remembered they replaced broken needles, sent an email, and ... voila! What a great company.

And ... a holiday scarf. There's a story -- I started this just for some mindless knitting, on a whim. Decided to embroider the tree, will probably do a reindeer on the other end, and red and green fringe. One of my attorney friends (Sharkette) has been admiring it in progress, and bug bug bugging me about it. "Is it for me?" "Come on, it's for me," and I'd always say ... NO!

So, the cookie and gift exchange on Saturday. My gift was a lovely hand-blown ornament, and a certificate good for a pair of mittens or scarf. Guess who got my gift??? (Mind you, they weren't marked as to who gave what). She leaped with joy, pointed at this scarf, and said, "It's mine!"


On the bright side, it's great to feel that someone really likes your knitting. On the not-so-much side, I'll be making another one just like it for yours truly!


twig said...

That's a good feeling to have someone covet your knitting.

What in the world were you doing that you broke a wooden needle that is that thick? Never mind, on second thought, I don't want to know.

Carrie K said...

It is nice that she really, truly coveted it! But then again, it was yours. Christmas.

Glad you had fun in Toronto! That "take a piece of yarn for your nest' thing looks very cool.