Sunday, December 17, 2006

Toronto has no Yarn Left

Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. But it certainly has less yarn than it did on Wednesday past.

The sister and I took a short trip to the Great White North, in honor of her birthday, and in search of the Holy Grail of Hockey. See my post at

After filling our hockey needs, we checked out Romni Wools, on Queen Street West -- towers of yarn, floor to ceiling, narrow aisles, basement chock full -- it's a great source for all those yarns I've seen advertised in magazines, but never in person. Man, if you were looking for just the right yarn called for in a pattern, this would be the place to go. And, talk about wall 0'needles! More brands than I ever knew existed. It made my head spin. That said, it was difficult to browse -- the aisles too narrow for wandering, and if anyone wanted to pass you, you had to squeeze back, or actually back down the aisle and into a cross-aisle.

So we wandered on to Lettuce Knit. Heaven! Beautiful yarn, a friendly cat, even friendlier store personnel ... here's a photo of the sister making a purchase.

We both bought kits for vests from Fiber Artist -- silk and wool yarn, knit sideways -- and I indulged in a skein of laceweight silk and cashmere to knit a "smoke ring" with, to match my brown winter coat. All, of course, to start after Christmas (right -- who wants to take bets on my impulsivity and complete lack of ability to resist new yarn? Especially when it's soft and wonderful).

And isn't this cool?

It's a wire bird-thingie, filled with bits of yarn for the birdies to line their nests!

The BataShoe Museum was an interesting side jaunt -- believe me, designer shoes look like they hurt like hell. My low-cut hiking boots suit me just fine.

So, we're back, eh? No worse for wear from our trip north, except maybe for the $30 in Cadbury bars and Coffee Crisp shoved in my suitcase for future consumption. Those Canadians know how to live!


twig said...

So when half of Canada freezes to death from lack of warm clothing because there's no yarn left there to knit any, I'll know who to blame.

A South Park Republican said...

I'm feeling some yarn shopping/Coffee Crisp envy over here. Sounds like a great time!

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