Friday, December 22, 2006

Three Days ...

... and not a knitting needle was clicking.

I'm done with Xmas knitting. Well, done only because I'm going to wrap the yarn for my siblings' sox, along with a note that they can choose the pattern of their choice, and if the yarn isn't to their softness/color/whatever preference, we'll visit the LYS and exchange.

Whew! Why didn't I think of this before? It's a great alternative to knitting my fingers into gnarled knobs and foregoing sleep.

But ... I did finish this:

It's greener than it looks, and the other end of the Tree Scarf I posted about last week or so. So if I was truly smart, I'd start knitting these throughout the year, and be ready to relax next Xmas. Moi? Well, it could happen, but only in an alternate universe.

So it's off to do some last minute shopping and then my goal is to relax relax relax. The Charlie Brown tree is up, there's cookie dough in the refrigerator waiting for the girls to come home and bake, Chex Party Mix in the offing, with hot cider punch. Stop by for some holiday cheer -- I'd welcome you all!

1 comment:

twig said...

How cute!

I know exactly what you mean by starting early in the year for holiday knitting. I do believe I'm genetically incapable of doing that. (But it much be a recessive gene because I seem to be alone in my family with this particular affliction).